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January 28 2020


Somewhere in the range of 25 realities about Brawl Stars you may not know about.


1.            Poco's old model used to have a reload activity. His present model doesn't.


2.            Poco's old model additionally brawl stars hack  played a harp-like tune when he utilized his super. His present model doesn't.


3.            El Primo was the principal brawler ever to have two distinct skins.


4.            Brock is the main brawler ever to have three unique skins.


5.            The just three "free skins" in the game are Top Hat Mortis, Wizard Barley, and Star Shelly (note that Star Shelly is never again reachable).


6.            Supercell settled on the choice to make Brawl Stars worldwide in late August. Overlooked what day however.


7.            Gene is the principal brawler to be classified as a "Backing" brawler.


8.            The "Professional killer" class is the main class that has a descriptive word depicting what sort of Assassin a brawler was. (Mortis is a "Running Assassin", Leon is a "Stealthy Assassin", Crow is a "Poisonous Assassin")


9.            There has never been another Rare or League Reward/Common brawler added to the game.


10.          Leon is the main brawler in the game to not have numerical details for his super.


11.          When Duo Showdown was first discharged, it was it's own different game mode. After a month, it turned into a changeless game mode alongside Solo Showdown.


12.          Supercell indicated a rebuild for El Primo sooner or later during beta, however El Primo despite everything has his old model. The rebuild showed up during an Instagram Q&A. They additionally indicated Mortis' rebuild with his top cap, however when the redesign was at first discharged he didn't have the cap. (Much appreciated u/BlueRobotics for bringing up that!)


13.          The just brawlers that can put a moderate impact on different brawlers are Spike and Shelly. Shelly has to have her Star Power so as to have that impact.


14.          Mortis' star power used to state "spirits" rather than "life substance".


15.          Poco, Darryl, Mortis, and Frank are the main brawlers who experienced a star power patch up.


16.          Shelly's star power was initially going to be a pet chicken.


17.          During the game's pre-beta stage, you could name your bear that you'd send with Nita. That is the reason a few people call Nita's bear "Bruce".


18.          The Heist map "Corner Case" has not went live yet on the occasion turn as of the time this has been posted.


19.          There used to be a Gem Grab map that had the desert foundation rather than the cavern foundation. The guide was called Sapphire Plains.


20.          Before the June 2018 update, diamonds couldn't drop from boxes. Simultaneously, the opportunity to get Event Tickets from a crate was 35%, which is 25% at this point.


21.          If you're sufficiently unfortunate, your Legendary Brawler chance can be higher than your Mythic Brawler possibility.


22.          We have seen high poly illustrations for Shelly, Nita, Colt, Jessie, Barley, Wizard Barley, Poco, Mortis, Spike, and Crow.


23.          When Brawl Stars went worldwide, Iran and terrain China were the main two nations who couldn't play the game. Idk if this is genuine at this point.


24.          Golden Barley's model holds a darker molotov, however in-game he tosses similar jugs that normal Barley tosses.


25.          Tara is a quip off of "tarot" cards. The - ot is supplanted with a - a to give her a ladylike name.

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